ADS Division EXCITE INDONESIA has Integrated Database of Blogger Network & Communities all around Indonesia and Digital Services to support digital campaign that delivered complete action leads and activation to our client.

1. Data Acquisition / Leads

Download action, Upload Database, Registration action, Review articles, Watch & Share Video or News etc.

2. Online and Offline Blogger Activities

Socialization on Brand Awareness or campaign through blogger communities.

3. Event Gamification

An Stamp Rally Activities to connect sponsorships to do various activities that related to the product selling and user profiling gathering by rewarding points the event visitors.

Year 2015

1. Ennichisai

sponsored by Bank Sinarmas, Pristine, Djarum LA ICE

2. Seminar Tech + Blog

sponsored by Smartfren and Bank Sinarmas

3. Rumah Hantu Obakeyashiki

event support for Wakuwaku Japan

4. JakJapan Matsuri 2015

sponsored by Pristine, Djarum LA Bold dan Wakuwaku Japan

Advertising and Sales Excite

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Year 2016

1. Roadblog 10 cities

sponsored by Traveloka, Pegadaian, Bank Sinarmas, Lembaga Sensor Film (LSF), Genflix

2. WWJ universitas

event support for Wakuwaku Japan

3. Bebelac My Hero

database support for Bebelac / Havas agency

4. Panin da ichi life

database support for Havas agency

5. Kalbe

Blog competition

6. Pegadaian

Lomba blog 1 + 2

7. Lembaga Sensor Film

Lomba blog

8. Bank Sinarmas

Lomba blog

9. Traveloka - list blogger

content support / backlink for Traveloka

10. Sharpcooklicious

event support for Sharp

11. De Milan Community

event support for Sharp

Year 2017

1. Ennichisai

sponsored by Ichitan and Yuzu Tea

2. Bebelac 1 + 2

1,620 database support for Bebelac / Havas agency

3. Axa Mandiri

500 database support for Axa Mandiri

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